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Welcome to the Sardis SEARCH page! 

We hope that you find valuable information and resources here.   Please check back frequently to see what our SEARCH students have been learning, exploring, and creating!

Want to know more about the program?  Read all about it below… 

Q:  What is the SEARCH program?

A:  The Hall County School System provides educational opportunities for gifted students identified through a process based on state guidelines. Referrals of students for consideration for services in this program may be made by teachers, counselors, administrators, parents or guardians, peers, and students. Eligibility criteria meet state requirements and are based on results from standardized tests and rating scales in the areas of mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation.

Q:  What does “SEARCH” stand for?

A:  The program in our system is called SEARCH – Seeking Excellence And Reaching Challenging Heights. Instruction is modified through appropriate pacing, curriculum, compacting, enrichment activities for extension of concepts and opportunities to utilize critical thinking.

Q:  How is my child served in this program?

A:  At Sardis, over half of our teachers are gifted certified.  That means that your child will receive differentiated instruction in a variety of ways.  In the classroom, teachers modify and compact instruction for SEARCH students based on their needs.  In addition, students receive weekly instruction in a co-taught class with Mrs. Fawcett Mrs. Allen.

Q:  How can I find out more about the Sardis SEARCH program?

A:  For more information click on the link:

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