Resources For Supporting Your Child

Big Ideas

Does your child possess the academic “building block” skills necessary to be successful in school this year? What about for next year? The Learning Support Center provides Hall County School District parents with a powerful set of mobile-friendly resources to support each child as he or she acquires the reading, writing, and mathematical skills crucial for ensuring academic success.  Click on the link below to access the Hall County School District’s Big Ideas site with parent resources for each grade level.

Click here to access the Big Ideas site.

Parent Roadmaps

These parent-friendly roadmaps will give you an overview of all the skills your child will be learning in a particular grade level.

Click here to access the Parent Roadmaps.

Hall County Schools Parent Resource Catalog

This site was developed by Hall County Schools for parents.  It has links to both the Big Ideas pages and the Internet Safety Courses that will be taught in our schools.

Click here to access the Parent Resource Catalog.

Resources for Pre-K Parents click here.

Student Online Registration

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