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Sliming Mrs. Bull

Ms. Fung's Class , Sliming Mrs. Bull
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4th Grade, Math Counts
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4th Grade, Read n Quiz
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Patriot Day
Patriot Day
Patriot Day
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Enrichment & Search

What are Enrichment Clusters?

If you have been a Sardis for a short time or for years, you will undoubtedly hear our students excitedly talk about “clusters”.  What is this talk and how does this work within the school?

Enrichment clusters are opportunities for students to engage in type 2 enrichment learning.  For an 8-10 week period in the Fall and in the Spring students have the opportunity to join a cluster and explore their interest. 

Based on student surveys and interest inventories enrichment clusters are created and students vote for placement in their top choices. 

Once clusters begin students are engaged in interest-based learning that is authentic, within a small group, and focused on the end result of creating a product or service for the community.

See the Enrichment Cluster PowerPoint or video for more information about the latest clusters…

Enrichment Clusters link

All About Enrichment Clusters video


Student Online Registration

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